Swiss & Vegan: Breakfast For Winners

Yes! Finally, I have found a famous breakfast recipe for my cute, little, international, vegan recipe blog. 🙂 The first time since 24 cooking adventures we made a yummy, healthy and like I already said very famous breakfast from Switzerland.

Brazilian & Vegan: Vatapá

Oh my Brazilian cooking day was sooo delicious. Again I can say I LOVE the south american cuisine! I think I should move there some time! 😉 But let me tell you about it. My Brazilian guest Felipe surprised me with his blonde hair! His family originaly is from Germany – indeed from Germany! But…

Norwegian & Vegan: Komler

Komler is quite a short name for this Norwegian dish. But nevertheless it´s  one of the most traditional dishes you can find in Norway and the best – it´s (mostly) vegan by itself. So nothing to veganise here.

Slovak & Vegan: Ryžový nákyp (creamy rice cake)

My lovely Slovak guest Lucia went to a short couchsurfing trip to Copenhagen and of course to my wonderful hometown Berlin. That´s why she wrote me a message and we decided to cook with each other. When Lucia became vegan she „veganised“ some of her favorite childhood dishes. One of them is Ryžový nákyp. Usually you…