Way too many crises

Hey everyone,

No I´m sorry there is no recipe coming today! I just want to let you know that I´m still alive! 😉 And I´m very, very, very sorry for being such a bad blogger! There were many crises I had to solve this year and it´s not over yet! ^^ Plus – I had and have to work a lot! So please don´t be too disappointed that I´m not feeding you with new recipes at the moment!

I didn´t close the blog yet because I definitely want to go on – OF COURSE I DO! And I hope it´s soon but I am not making any promises! I hope you understand and I hope you still cooking the delicious international recipes I provided last year and if you haven´t tried them all yet – go ahead! I´m sure they will satisfy you until I´m back! 🙂

Lots of hugs!



3 Antworten zu “Way too many crises

  1. Hey Kathy, just found your blog searching for vegan pavlova! I’m from Austria but live in NZ since 1992. I’m vegan since 2004.

    I wonder if you are ok. Your idea to cook with international vegans is fabulous! would love an update from you, just for all of us to know you’re ok Sending love and peace from NZ 🙂

  2. Such a shame, you’ve stopped, as it’s a briliant idea. Anyway, I hope you’ve solved your issues and might come back soon, it has been a long while now.

  3. Hey Deborah, hey Dimitri,
    thank you so much for your comments. I´m still planning to go on but to be honest I don´t know yet when I will be able to. I know the recipes I provided until now are getting older and older and there definitely should come up new ones soon. There will! I promise! 🙂
    Have a wonderful 2015 everyone! ❤

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